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GarJen Corp is a BBB Accredited Graphic Designer in Enumclaw, WA

Your audience is the target.  Making each and every one of your readers understand and act on your message, is the goal. Interesting, creative graphics gets their attention and sets the tone for the message.  Making the message crystal clear and compelling, makes the communications effective.

All collaborations, on any successful project, ideally center on maximizing the financial return of the event, product or service.  But taking it a step further, every company communication created, reflects on your companies image.  How your audience views you as a company, is an important element of your success. And that is not more important and relevant then today.  The Internet has given a great deal of power to the consumer and has required businesses to be more competitive and sensitive to each and every customer experience.  Internet reviews have  become a big part of the online shopping experience carrying a great deal of weight with many consumers.  In this environment, maintaining a favorable image and reputation are essential and starts with, well planned and crafted, company to consumer communications.

OC will be your partner in successfully navigating this environment.  With us on your team, you can be assured your marketing messages will reflect well on you and your company and help in developing a company reputation of honest, straightforward business transactions.  You need not be the cheapest to gain market share.  Being respected and trusted is just as important in these customer empowered times.  As a client, that will be our focus and priority on your behalf.

Our first priority in developing the clearest and most effective message is understanding your audience.

Developing the Clear, Effective Message