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Since 1995 Outsource Communication Consultation • Design • Creation • Production • Delivery
GarJen Corp is a BBB Accredited Graphic Designer in Enumclaw, WA

Specializing in marketing and business communications, OC makes your goals our own.  We are a valuable 3rd party ‘sounding board’ as well as a message development resource.  As a client, the success of your endeavors are a central focus of our efforts on your behalf.  And we’re at it 7 days-a-week…most weeks.

If you find your company in one of these 2 situations, we can improve the quality of your business life.

1.)  Your company is just starting out or is not big enough to have your own marketing department, but you wish you        did. Or…  

2.)  Your company has a marketing department and you are interested in reducing your overall costs.  Outsourcing       all or part of your marketing department responsibilities is one consideration.

In either case, Outsourcing to OC will prove to be a smart business decision. You will be impressed with the quality of the work product and the efficiency with which your projects move to completion and delivery.  Working with a very diverse group of production partners, we handle every type of project in the most cost effective way, from concept to delivery.  As a business partner, your success is our priority.

We keep our client base small to insure all projects get the attention they require and to be sure turnaround times are fast.  If you are a forward looking planner and motivated to get things done efficiently and on time, we want to work with you.  Give us a call, or email us, to setup an appointment.

Outsource to OC and Gain a Valuable Business Partner

The cost savings from outsourcing today can be substantial & the quality of the work product

can be equal or better then your current level. Win...Win!